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Turnstone Commons: A Transformative Housing Initiative in Tillamook

After much anticipation, Turnstone Commons is nearing its grand opening, marking a significant milestone in Tillamook’s housing landscape. This innovative project, affiliated with the Tillamook Family Counseling Center, is poised to offer much-needed income-based housing solutions.

According to Shauna Johnston, the Housing Coordinator for Turnstone Commons, the renovations have transformed the building into a warm and welcoming environment. “It feels like a completely different building when you walk in,” Shauna remarks. “Everything has brightened up with lighter colors and lovely green, nature-inspired hues. We aimed to create a trauma-informed, calming, and uplifting atmosphere for our residents.”

The most significant changes include the transformation of the former hair salon into a full communal kitchen, complete with stoves and ovens. The dining room has been preserved as a gathering space for residents to enjoy meals, board games, and socializing. Additionally, conference rooms and meeting spaces have been added to facilitate group activities and discussions.

Turnstone Commons will offer 30 units, consisting of 24 studio apartments and 6 one-bedroom apartments. Half of these units will be designated for individuals earning below 50% of the area’s median income, and half will be designated for individuals earning below 80% of the area’s median income.

The application process for Turnstone Commons will be multi-step. Initial waitlist applications will be accepted starting April 22nd, allowing individuals to provide basic information and be placed in order. Once a prospective resident’s name reaches the top of the waitlist, they will be contacted to provide additional documentation, such as proof of income and mental health diagnosis.

Shauna Johnston emphasizes the importance of supportive services at Turnstone Commons. “We plan to hire a part-time Resident Services Coordinator,” she explains. “This person’s role will be to connect residents with resources in the community, whether it’s acquiring winter clothing or accessing any other essential services they may need.” Turnstone Commons aims to provide more than just a roof over residents’ heads; it seeks to foster a sense of community and housing stability. “We want people to be successful when they move in here,” Shauna affirms.

Turnstone Commons anticipates welcoming its first residents in May, with the process of filling the building expected to take two to three months to complete.

Shauna Johnston’s passion for the project is evident. “I feel passionately about housing; it’s so desperately needed. I also believe in supporting people once they get into housing,” she says. With her extensive experience in social services and property management, Shauna is well-equipped to navigate the challenges and ensure the success of Turnstone Commons.

This groundbreaking initiative promises to provide a safe, supportive, and uplifting environment for individuals seeking housing, offering them the opportunity to thrive and flourish in the community.