News & Highlights: Tillamook Family Counseling Center

May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Since 1949, May has been observed as Mental Health Awareness Month. The Tillamook Family Counseling Center supports the initiative by spreading awareness that mental health is something everyone should care about! This year, the campaign from Mental Health America is focused on sharing information about how our surroundings impact our mental health. Read more here: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

-Published April 29, 2023

Rethink the Drink

Did you know that excessive alcohol use is a leading cause of death in Oregon? According to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), excessive alcohol use is the 3rd leading cause of death among Oregonians. To address this concern, the OHA launched a campaign called ‘Rethink the Drink’. Read more here: Rethink the Drink

-Published April 24, 2023

Prevention Education Opportunities in May

SOS Tillamook The Tillamook Family Counseling Center is pleased to announce that there will be a variety of prevention programs that are offered to community members in the month of May. To learn more about the programs please see the brief description of events and flyers in this post. If you should have questions about the prevention programs, please email Read more here: Prevention Education Opportunities in May

-Published April 12, 2023

Problem Gambling Awareness Month: March 2023

The Tillamook Family Counseling Center (TFCC) is committed to supporting Problem Gambling Awareness Month, an initiative every March led by public health organizations, advocacy groups, and gambling operators to educate and raise awareness around the issue of problem gambling, and promote access to treatment and recovery for those affected. TFCC provides treatment for problem gamblers and concerned others, including family, friends, and loved ones that are impacted by someone’s problem gambling, free for up to one year. Read more here: Problem Gambling Awareness Month: March 2023

-Published March 23, 2023

Painting for Self Care

Tillamook Family Counseling Center is pleased to announce that they will be presenting a painting for self-care event. This event will take place March 30th from 5:00-7:00 PM at the Tillamook Bay Community College (room #102). Read more here: Painting for Self Care

-Published March 14, 2023

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

In 1987, President Ronal Reagan issued a public proclamation making March National Disabilities Awareness Month. Since that time, March has been recognized as an intentional period for individuals and organizations in the US to create opportunities to learn about developmental disabilities, ways to address barriers that people with developmental disabilities may face, and promote disability inclusion. At the Tillamook Family Counseling Center, we are dedicated advocates for people with developmental disabilities, and strongly support the need for understanding, encouragement, and opportunities to help our people lead fulfilling, impactful lives in our community. Read more here: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

-Published February 27, 2023

Prevention Education Opportunities in March

SOS Tillamook is pleased to announce that in the month of March the Tillamook Family Counseling Center will provide community members with two virtual prevention education events. The two events include a Question, Persuade, and Refer Gatekeeper training and an ‘Introduction to Problem Gambling Prevention’ presentation. Below you will find a short description for the two learning opportunities. If you would like to register for either event, please email Read more about the events here: Prevention Education Opportunities in March

-Published February 27, 2023

Narcan Training in Tillamook County

Tillamook Family Counseling Center is a partner of OUR (Opioid Use Response) Tillamook, a group of community members and local organizations working together to respond to the estimated 1,700 people in Tillamook County living with opioid use disorder. Designated peer support specialists from TFCC’s Prime+ Program have partnered with the Tillamook Community Health Center to provide harm reduction services at the needle exchanges in Tillamook County. They also provide training to community members and organizations, such as Helping Hands Shelter, Tillamook County employees and the Department of Human Services, on how to recognize an opioid overdose and administer naloxone (Narcan). Read more here: Narcan Training in Tillamook County

-Published February 1, 2023

Together We Rise Recovery House

During the Spring of 2022, Frank Hanna Williams, Executive Director of Tillamook Family Counseling Center, was approached by a local neighborhood homeowner sharing his plans to renovate his home on 9th Street in Tillamook. As someone who is in personal recovery and would like to give back to the community, he proposed that his home might be leased to TFCC and become a site for substance use recovery housing. The location of the house is just a few steps from the 906 Main building of TFCC, an ideal location for clients to easily access Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services close to home. Read more here: Together We Rise Recovery House

                           -Published November 30, 2022

Diabetes Awareness Month: Building a Healthcare Team

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. The focus this year is on managing diabetes by building a healthcare team. This may include your primary care doctor, a nutritionist, a diabetes care and education specialist, a behavioral health clinician, or any other healthcare professionals suggested by your primary care provider. People with diabetes are recognized as the primary member of their own care team. Talking with your health care team about the challenges of managing diabetes is important in order to care for your behavioral health and well-being. Read more here: Diabetes Awareness Month: Building a Healthcare Team

-Published November 14, 2022

Permanent Supportive Housing in Oregon

Tillamook Family Counseling Center has a commitment to address the need for housing in Tillamook County for persons with disabilities. Repurposing Kilchis House as permanent supportive housing is an opportunity to provide support and stability for vulnerable individuals and families in our community. Read more here: Permanent Supportive Housing in Oregon

-Published November 4, 2022

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, allowing this to be a great opportunity to learn more about this public health crisis and the resources available to survivors and those experiencing issues of power and control in Tillamook County. Tillamook Family Counseling Center would like to acknowledge our community partner, Tides of Change, by sharing some valuable information gathered during an interview with the Executive Director, Valerie Bundy. Read more here: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

-Published October 4, 2022

Caring for Loneliness: Community Groups in Tillamook

Anyone may experience feelings of loneliness, and this experience is unique and personal to the individual. Loneliness has commonly been described as an unwelcome feeling when there is lack of social support, infrequent meaningful social connections, and negative feelings about personal relationships. However, there are things you can do such as joining a community group, class, or organization. Read more about community groups in Tillamook here: Caring for Loneliness: Community Groups in Tillamook

-Published October 4, 2022

Behavioral Health Housing in Tillamook County: Repurposing Kilchis House

Earlier this year, the Oregon State Legislature (House Bill 5202), allocated $100 million dollars to county behavioral health agencies (through the Oregon Health Authority) to support emerging initiatives to expand/build behavioral health housing. An allocation formula was developed by the Association of Community Mental Health Programs to even out the awards gaps between large/small/rural and frontier counties in Oregon. The formula considered population, but also county economics, poverty level, and other criteria. For Tillamook County, House Bill 5202 funds came to $1.75 million for TFCC to invest in the community. Read more here: Behavioral Health Housing in Tillamook County: Repurposing Kilchis House

-Published September 8, 2022

September is National Suicide Prevention  Awareness Month

Throughout the month of September, survivors and allies, various organizations, mental health workers, and community members unite to share their stories, knowledge, and resources to promote suicide prevention awareness. Research has shown that acknowledging and talking about suicide can reduce suicidal ideation, and help to eliminate the stigma around suicide and mental health issues. Read more here: September 2022 is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

-Published August 23, 2022

What is 988?

On July 16, 2022, the national behavioral health crisis response system called 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline was launched. 988 is a free, confidential service anyone, including youth, may call, text, or chat with online when experiencing suicidal thoughts or self-harm, a substance use crisis, or any other kind of behavioral health crisis. This number is available to call, text, or chat online 24/7. Text and online chat is only available in English at this time, however calls can be made in both English and Spanish. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number (1-800-273-8255) will also remain available. Read more here: What is 988?

-Published August 30, 2022